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Beauty makeup people look over, small makeup brush care university asked

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Update time : 2017-08-09 15:29:30
Today, make-up has become a female friend life essential to a life skills, a fine face always better than a slovenly slovenly face. But make-up, we are easy to ignore a small detail, is the makeup brush clean. Because the use of a long time the makeup brush will be infected with a lot of dust and bacteria, long-term cleansing brush is easy to breed bacteria, leading to deterioration of our skin inflammation. Today we come to learn how to easily clean and maintain the makeup brush, so that the small assistant is clean and health.

Cosmetic brush cleaning can be divided into daily cleaning and deep cleaning. As the name suggests, daily cleaning is able to quickly clean up excess powder, the purpose is to avoid make-up brush breeding bacteria, under normal circumstances do not need to rinse with water. The method of cleaning can be sprayed with alcohol-based cleaning spray on the makeup brush or paper towel gently rub up, then stained with dust and dirt can be rubbed to the top of the paper towel can be. Because the volatile alcohol is relatively fast, so both play a clean role can also be played in a short time quick effect.

And deep cleaning on the need to use water to wet the brush, should not be used to clean with hot water. First moisturizing makeup brush, squeeze a little in the utensils makeup brush special cleaning agent, the makeup brush with water wet stains stains in the cleaning agent in the palm of your hand repeatedly brush a few times, the process is not easy to excessive force, or will be counterproductive, But will cause the bristles deformation, back and forth a few times the dust and the residue will be brushed out, then the bristles into the water massage rub the cleaning agent to clean, the rest we have to do is to gently squeeze out the moisture in the bristles, with Towels, paper towels gently press the clean, find a place to dry ventilated.
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