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Consider the following scenario: You have less than a minute until the Uber (that’s already late) arrives. After snipping off the Net-a-Porter tags, throwing on that new Proenza midi and affixing a sleek, minimal low pony, you’re faced with a split, stressful, 25-second decision: Apply lipstick, blush or a coat of black mascara? A quick poll around the Vogue offices reveals that the overwhelming answer is to save the lashes first (you can always pinch your cheeks while en route and stash a crimson red for post-dinner). And some of Hollywood’s best makeup artists couldn’t agree more.

While there is a myriad of formulas on the market that promise to volumize, curl and define, only a few stealth products made the professional cut. Who better to trust for advice than experts who have tried them all, from drugstore to luxe and everything in between, and on famous lids belonging to the likes of Cara Delevingne and Charlize Theron? Here are seven of the most reliable and long-lasting mascaras that celebrity pros continue to stock in their kits year-after-year. After all, those carryalls were made with rushed mornings and 14-hour days in mind.