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Yara Shahidi Knows the Secret to Selfie-Ready Lips

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Update time : 2017-08-15 17:21:04

High-shine lips just got a head-turning upgrade, courtesy of Yara Shahidi. This morning's Instagram share found the actress's trademark ringlets pinned away from her face, leaving the focus on an unexpected etching of metallic lip liner. Rather than rimming her glossy pout in a traditionally warm hue of nude or brown, Shahidi reached for a soft glimmer of silver, which she streaked along the upper curve of her lip, before etching a mirror image along the opposite side .

The detail had a trompe l'oeil quality, and while Shahidi's take erred on the side of conceptual, it was grounded in reality—resembling the flattering effects of a hint of highlighter along the cupid's bow and winking at the pretty light-catching benefits of her delicate silver hoops, which flashed from beneath a guard of onyx ringlets. Bare skin and minimal makeup—save for sky-reaching lashes—gave the look an otherworldly quality. Whether you favor silver, gold, or a burnished copper, this lip trick is one worth attempting.